My First Blogging Award!

Thank you to Shawna for sending this sweet award. She has lots of ideas of what she would do with an extra hour on her blog.

Thanks for sharing the love Shawna!

Valentine Yarn Cards

I will be doing a handful of posts on 2 themes for the next little bit: Love Letters and Yarn Cards.

This Post combines them both!
I love using yarn for letters. It gives them a 3D feel and it is SO easy! It also lets you personalize with a name without lots of stickers. We will use YARN instead!

1st, determine what you want your card to say. Then cut your paper in half and fold the ends in to make "doors" to the card.
2-Pencil the letters of the saying. The bigger the letters, the easier it is to add the yarn.

3-Write who the card is too on the back. This is harder later because the yarn makes it bumpy.

4-Next, hold the yarn over each letter and cut the yarn to the right sizes for each letter.

I like to put them over each letter like this, so I don't forget which pieces go to which letter.

5-After all of your pieces of yarn for your letters are cut (this really doesn't take long:) Then add Elmer's glue over each letter. Don't be stingy with the glue, you need a full line.

I like to do one letter at a time if my kids are helping. Otherwise they get their other fingers in the glue of the other letters.

6- Continue to add the yarn for each letter:

Here is what it looks like when it is done!

Now just add a sticker to close the heart and give it to your valentine!

You can personalize with their name too!

Have Fun with your Little Love Letter Projects. More Yarn Cards ideas to come for Valentine's Day! Stay tuned :)

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Have fun picking out something fun! Shopping: What a fun Little Project!

Shoe Sorting with a PERK!

You may have noticed that my latest posts have to do with ORGANIZING. Well, it must be done, and someone {{I guess that is me}} should really get busy doing it! I stumbled upon this little idea and dressed it up a bit. I used a cereal box to make a sturdy shoe sorter. But really, I am hoping that it helps with something else too: LEFT/RIGHT and READING, sneaky huh?

My little guy has known his left and right hand/foot/arm since before he was 2....but he can't seem to figure out how that translates to things that aren't actually attached to his shoes.

So here we go!
Trim a cereal box down to look like this.  If you have several pair of shoes, just use another box.  Two pair fit on each box.  This is a nice "re-use" project since you can reuse your box, and even scrap or magazine paper to do the rest.
Here are your other supplies: glue, scissors, 2 pieces of patterned paper, a marker, and a center strip, and a piece of paper to trace your shoes onto.  
1-Glue a piece of paper to each side of the box.  Then trim the edges to fit.  
2-Glue your center strip. 
3-Trace and cut out each pair of shoes.  Glue them on.
4-Write away!
Ta Da!  A Little Project to set your shoes straight!
I snooped around at Family Fun and found some other great kid-friendly ideas.  I thought this one was really fun-I am sure we will be making one for my daughter!

Happy organizing!  And be sure to share your This Little Project-inspired photos in our flickr group :)

Organizing The Peanut Gallery

This project has been part of my 2009 Resolution to get more organized. If you have an artist at your house you know how all that art work can pile up! I was looking for a way to celebrate creativity and praise my artist with a built-in rotation system for our Peanut Gallery. I decided to tame our paper piles with some pegs, metallic twine, and some clips, since these were things I already had around the house.

I used this configuration of a "V" to capitalize on this corner wall in his bedroom. We get more hanging space this way. I had just 3 pegs. You see all of his art right as you walk in. It's lots of fun and it only took about 10 minutes! The Peanut Gallery can only hold so much. So in order to put new things up we have to purge or preserve.

I preserve by taking pictures of my favorites with my digital camera. Then I can use them as a screen saver and we still can enjoy them!
Some art I keep. I date it and put it right into page protectors in his journal/scrapbook. Easy. Done!

This is an easy project to make your artist feel like a million bucks!

Freezing Bubbles!

My friend Chris called me this morning to say she was outside blowing bubbles. It is -1 degrees. So the bubbles were freezing! I had to try it with my little guy. So we went out for some bubble blowing in all our winter attire. Our best frozen bubbles happened when they landed on the snow without popping.

Here is a frozen bubble. It just stayed this way without is probably still out there like this. But we only lasted about 5 minutes in the cold.

It is a great winter experience and a fun Little Project! Enjoy!

After Christmas Catch-up: Advent, gifts

I posted before about not having a single advent calendar and that I was going to work on one and have it ready for next year. Well, here is what I created:

This is what I came up with. It's really kind of fun to get to decorate this tree one day at a time. I used various beads and buttons for ornaments. If you are really good this year I will put a tutorial together for later in the year and you can make your own :)

I also had fun with some gift-giving projects. I couldn't post about them before because it would ruin the surprise. Here are a few of them:
a "Favorites" cookbook-a great way to organize recipes:

a hands-free pin cushion for your finger:
I will post about in more detail about these projects coming up-with direction- so you can make your own. I have also been working up some organization projects. Tis' the season for New Year's Resolutions!

In the meantime, try these yummy cookies (they really are the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever made!) from short stop.

I love my cookie scoop pictured but couldn't find it online. You can push on the back and the cookie ball drops out. It is like this one.

Enjoy some yummies and have a Happy Little Project Day!

Project: Geography

My Little guy LOVES geography.  These are his favorite puzzles.  And yes, he is better at doing them than I am!  You can see more about these geo puzzles here.  He thinks it is really fun to memorize these things. 

The puzzles are neat because each country is its own puzzle "piece" so the geography lesson is more complete.  We only get them out when baby is asleep because they are thicker cardboard than others, but they could still get soaked in her mouth. 

It all started with hanging a map at his eye level. If you decide to join in this little project, be sure to get a LAMINATED map! And put it down low, where it can be seen and touched. First we learned the location of all the states on the map, then countries, then state capitals, and we just finished doing 100 capitals of nations.  

 This little geography project began with just a map on the wall, but it turned into a lot more fun.  And these puzzles have really helped!

Snowflakes Galore: wearables and a tutorial

We've gone a little snowflake crazy around here-we hung snowflakes and guess what happened over night? It snowed! Wahoo, it's about time!

So here is some more snowflake fun: 
I admit that this may show signs of obsession, but I figured out how to get 7 snowflakes out of 1 piece of paper! see directions below :)

From my studio: Wearing snowflakes in her hair

For more "ouchless headbands" and hair bow styles click here.

From my shop: Keeping baby's legs warm from the cold with Lava Legs 

(click here to see more color choices)

Here is a conservationalist-style snowflake tutorial: How to get 7 snowflakes out of 1 piece of paper!  3-4 of these snowflakes are approximately the same size, which makes them perfect for making paper snowballs.  To see the paper snowballs tutorial, click here.

Here are the little beauties.  The "L" on the right is for "leftover."  That is all the paper that was left after cutting the 7 squares out for your snowflakes!

First measure over 5 inches and fold down. 

After you cut that square out, fold the right corner down, as you can see here:

Then cut it out.

Believe it or not, you will be able to get 5 more snowflakes still!   
Start by folding the top left corner down.
Cut it out.
Now work from the other end of the strip.  Fold down, and cut it out.
Do the same thing again, folding the corner down, and cut it out.
This fold (photo below) was made by taking the bottom left square from the above photo and folding it up.  Then cut it out.
Fold your last bit of paper and trim the extra.    You will just have a "L" leftover!
Here is what you have made so far:
Now go crazy folding and turning these into a snowstorm!  To make them 3D, see my tutorial here.

And there you go! Lots of snowstorms in the making and wearing! Enjoy your Little Project :)