President's Day Party!

Did you know that this year is President Lincoln's 200th birthday? We threw a little party to celebrate. We already had the cake (leftover from our red velvet cupcakes.)  It was certainly a good excuse to wear fun socks too.  I love fun socks at least as much as making cupcakes :)

Here are some ideas to share, in case you are in the mood to throw a little presidential party at your place.

1- We checked out President Lincoln's profile on the penny, then made this project with pennies:

2- J. practiced writing penny (on the front and the back) and then made a 200 with 2 pennies. We could have practiced counting to 200...maybe tomorrow!

3- These hats were fun to make. Traditionally Abe Lincoln wore black, of course, but ours are more festive. Don't you think?
Just cut the center out of paper plate, tape 2 sheets of construction paper together (long ways), then tape the bottom into the open circle. They didn't turn out absolutely beautiful, but they were fun :)

4- These were my favorites: Presidential Finger Puppets made with COINS! I didn't make them up. You can see the instructions here if you want to make some too :)

5- We've also been reviewing our slide show on the computer of photos of all the US presidents.   J. can remember their names and faces better than I can!

Want a quicker quiz?  Name these Presidential Flashcards (and can you name the movie that term is from?)  Who are on these bills?  

I'll help with this first one.  It's Andrew Jackson.  It happened to be J.'s "favorite" president for a while.  Every time he saw a $20 he yelled, "Hey, it's Andrew Jackson!"

Did that last one fool you? I don't know who is responsible for it, but it made me laugh!
To see if you did on your quiz, click HERE.

Want some thoughts on the history of our money? LINK

Here's to hoping that no more of Obama's picks for positions are people who've committed tax fraud! It would be nice to go down in history for something more wonderful {{wink wink}}

 We are very grateful for the integrity of our founding fathers and were fortunate to visit my sister in DC and seeing so much history and Washington's Mount Vernon home in July. We pray for President Obama. I wouldn't want his job!

If you want to check out some more sites dedicated to Presidential facts, here are a few:
Apprenticeship in Liberty LINK
Abraham Lincoln for Children LINK

We are working on getting some silhouette coins done of the kiddos.  If they turn out, I'll share :)
Happy President's Birthday Day!


  1. I like the little finger puppets and the hat -- very clever!

  2. I have some play money. For preschool we matched our money to pictures of presidents...and others. Thanks for the idea!


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