Project: Softies

I am in the mood to make a little softie.  I am fairly new to all this softie fun, having only made a couple of them.  I think they could be addicting!  Are you wondering what a softie is?  A handmade little friend is my best answer.  My kiddos LOVE holding little friends and the only problem now is deciding WHICH one to do...did I mention that the patterns and tutorials are available for all of these creations for FREE thanks to very talented and generous people?  So much fun to have and so little time!

This one has some chick attitude:

This one is easy to find supplies for-isn't he cute!:

Kay loves "neighs" so she would like this one:

And since I'm a sockaholic, I don't know if I can resist this one!

I loved my little bunny as a child:

These seem so seasonally eggstraordinary:

Everyone loves a monkey:

These are just SO CUTE!

Sheesh!  Good luck deciding on your next Little Project!

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  1. I love your name "softies". I've started using it too. I recently made some fun and cute softies. I added pictures to flickr and yes even got them added to the group!

    My inspiration was


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