The Unplugged Dilema and some Paint

I've been having an internal debate about how much time I am comfortable with my kids being "plugged in." So far T.V. time doesn't exist at our house. In part, I'm too cheap to pay for it. And the other part is that I don't think it is PBS's job to get my kids "ready to read." I feel like children need hands on exploring and discovery. I think kids learn more effectively that way.


Our world is so defined by technology. I used it to blog today. You are using it to read this today.


I want my kids to be comfortable with the tools that technology offers.


Kids need to be exposed to technology tools in order to learn how to use them. Jay has asked more often about getting on the computer. So far he just wants to explore the keyboard and see how it works.


I just came across a starting place for us. It is called, "Tux Paint." Tux Paint is an award-winning art program created and designed for kids. And it is free to download and use. It is similar to "Kid Pix," which is an art program I used as a kid. I'm looking at it as another learning tool. Another way to "play" with numbers, colors, shapes, etc. This "plugged in" time doesn't replace anything else we are doing. But, I'm hoping that it will compliment our other experiences and also give Jay some new tools and an opportunity to grow some new skills.

Whatever your personal "plugged in" preferences, Tux Paint is worth a look :)

Click HERE to go to the Tux Paint home page.

Have some fun with a technology related Little art Project :)


  1. love tux paint for the little ones!

  2. I am going to check this out. My 8yo just loves drawing right now and I'm trying to get her to use the computer more. (Plus, I love your next post on organizing art supplies. Whew!)

  3. You can try this site too.

    Thanks for a new place to play on the computer.

  4. Might I also suggest Crayon Physics Deluxe at

    Thanks for all you do.


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