Building at the Village

Jay has been into "diggers" lately.  Everywhere we go he points them out.  They are a fun addition to the village: moving things around and helping us build.  I also rolled up some orange foam into cones for our construction site.  See the Stop and Go post for how to make your own roads.

We found some great little construction vehicles at a yard sale.  They are just right for our building site at the village.

Kay especially loves the dump truck.  Putting things in and dumping them out...  I stitched through some layered scraps of brown felt to make some "rocks."

We picked up a Scrabble game from the thrift store to make signs for our village.  Jay LOVED glueing all the words together onto popsicle sticks.
He loves reading right now and signs are a fun way to separate the different areas of the village.  You can see that we have more village to come :)

Daddy and Jay are supervising This Little Project (Mom is keeping an eye out too in the corner :)

Next up in the village: The Village People-how to make and where to find those fun little peg people.  

As a reminder, if you have a fun project to share, be sure to link your blog in at the Your Project of the Week Meme post below so others can enjoy your ideas too!

p.s. here are the links to the other places in our Village so far...
Swimming pool, Park, Library, Post Office and Stop and Go in the Village .

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