Easy Decorating Ideas

I have a few decorating {Little Projects}we've done lately to share with you. We've moved twice in the past 3 years and I'm excited to be able to say we plan to be here for awhile because it's made decorating a lot more fun!

It's always a challenge to combine functional with cute. These hooks for dress-up got us both in Kay and Ellie's room. They are a fun way to store and display their dress-up clothes. (I found these hooks at Hobby Lobby.)

No-Sew Curtains!
If you move often, one of the problems you have is that your curtains don't fit the next house. We got around that problem by using side hooks and one long piece of fabric as the curtain. Bonus: You don't have to sew anything!
Actually, I did hem the ends of them but I'm sure I could have used fabric glue instead :)
This window treatment has been the same in three houses even though
the windows were all very different:
My husband even put the curtains up! I will eventually get around to arranging it a little differently, but it's easy enough that he feels like even he can put it up! Just wrap the corners around the sides and let it hang. We've done the same in the master bedroom. I have two fabrics that overlap with the same idea (but much nicer fabrics :)

I painted this dresser/changing table for Jay's room 4 years ago. Now that it's in Kay and Ellie's room the knobs didn't match. One of the EASIEST decor changes you can make is to change the knobs. A trip to the store and 10 minutes got us from this:

To this:

These knobs are from Hobby Lobby ($1.50 each on sale). This dresser looks great again!
If you have some decor ideas to share, please leave a comment with a link. I'd love to see what you've done!

I'll be sharing how to make an easy and CUTE Tiara (see dress-up photo above) this coming week...see you back here in a few days!

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