Canning Tomatoes

It's that time of year:

We've had more tomatoes than we know what to do with growing in our garden. So I turned them into about a dozen quarts of tomato sauce. It was my first time doing {This Little Project} and I'm sure they'll be gone in no time.

Every time I try to do canning I feel like a bit of a canning fraud. Meaning, it's not really natural to me. I have to think through every step and each year I feel like I start from scratch again. So, if I can do this you can too!
This is my go-to book for canning info and recipes:

It's got pretty much everything in there. My other resource is multiple calls to my Mother ;)
I used the recipe for a chunky sauce. And I hope to do applesauce soon. I love using what's in our garden. There is something about knowing where your food comes from I guess!

{This Little Project} takes up a good portion of the afternoon, but it sure is tasty!

p.s. I chanced on another blog I have loved reading and wanted to share with you. This link will take you to more tomato canning goodness. But explore a little and you'll find lots of goodies.

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