Upcycling Halloween

When I was a kid I always looked forward to Halloween. My Mom loved making costumes and it was fun to see what she could dream up! I caught the costume-making bug and love to do it for my kids now! This year by popular demand Jay, Kay, and Elle were Peter Pan movie characters.

But a fun costume to make is one that doesn't totally stress you out, right?

So, how to get from this:

To this?

My secret weapons for {This Little Project} are:
hot glue gun
and not starting a costume from scratch.

Here's what I mean:
The green jumper was $2 at the thrift store (this way I didn't have to make it)
The purple is upcycled from an unused t-shirt.
The Tinker Bell cut from a piece of fabric is put on with one of my favorite secret weapons: steam-a-seam. It's the easy way to make your own iron-ons.

And, since tutus are so stink'n cute on babies I had to make her one and the wings were from the dollar store.
Total cost was about $5 and time spent was around an 1.5 hours.

Kay's Tiger Lily Indian costume is felt, ribbon, and hot glue (with a few feathers and beads). Seriously. I didn't sew a single thing!
Safety pins are a good secret weapon too. We started with a pink jumper underneath and just accessorized
(never mind that her collar is crooked for the photo ;)

Now you have a few secrets for adding some fun costumes to your dress-up box, school plays, and yes Halloween! Have fun dreaming them up!

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