Love-ly yarn art

{This Little Project} is about texture, simply. 

To make {This Little Project} you need:


Frame (no glass needed)

glue (elmer's or hot glue)
Here's the background "i love you" that you can print out on cardstock. i love you.thislittleproject

Lay the yarn out a little at a time for each letter and put a few dots of glue to hold it as you go.  

Use your fingers to hold it in place while you form the next letter. 

I like the elmers glue because you can reposition it if you need to.  But the hot glue will hold it in place without it needing time to dry.

Let it dry.

And now it's ready to be framed or made into a card.

Enjoy your love-ly texture art!

For some ideas of how you can use yarn to make cards and 
{Little Projects} with your kids,

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