Friday Favorites and Freebies-Dolls!

Happy Friday! 
With 2 girls at our house, we enjoy a lot of doll play. Here are some fun ideas I wanted to share!

Want to know how to change that ratty doll or horse hair into this?  Seriously, she gave them doll perms! Stop by HollytheHomaker for all her great tips!

Do your dolls like to dress up?  These aprons are darling!  Get the pattern at brassyapple!

Want to make your own paper dolls?  This tutorial from Etsy is so fun!

I love these lace-up dolls.  Lots of fun and skills too!  Find them at yellowmums!

Have a little boy?  Yellowmums made some for them too!  These are perfect!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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