Historic Threads

This past weekend our family was part of a historical re-enactment.  I made {this little project} for my Ellie to wear.  

Why don't we dress our wee ones this way anymore?  I couldn't take my eyes off of her--she was such a doll!

Jay took this family photo of us in "camp."  

I had no idea that dressing up and participating like this would be such a neat {little project} for our family.   It made history so much more real.

Seriously, my little boy looking like this?  Take me back in time!
  In his hand is a jar of cream that he is shaking to turn it into butter.

The music in the camp represented all the different time periods and peoples there.

It made me realize in a new way that music is very much a representation of a people.  That's a {little} something to think on, no?

Though I'm truly grateful for electricity and my laundry room, watching my little ones do the laundry was a sweet {little} treat!

Costumes and dressing up....it puts me right in the mood for Halloween costumes!

And on that note, Jay wants to be a praying mantis for Halloween...any help with that one is totally appreciated.  In the meantime, (since I haven't figure that one out yet) I keep hoping he changes his mind!

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