Marshmallow Painting: DIY Wrapping Paper

Did you know that marshmallows make a perfect paintbrush?  

They make great polk-a-dots and there is no clean-up to do when you are done!  

Today I want to share a fun {little project} for 
handmade wrapping paper.  

When I was a child, my mom made a special effort to help us give handmade gifts instead of always buying something.  There is just something special about someone sharing their time and effort to make something just for you.  Handmade gifts are just special.  

But even store-bought gifts get a handmade look with this wrapping paper!

 I can't tell you how excited my kids were to wrap gifts with wrapping paper they created!

Here's what you need to make 
{this little project}:


flat paint holder (I used yogurt lids)

marshmallows (3 sizes is fun)

paper-more info below

paper towel for clean-up

The giant marshmallows are great for making nice big dots!

For paper we used newsprint.  You can get a roll of it very inexpensively at your local newspaper.  I've done it in 2 states now.  The newspapers can't print to the end of the roll so they often sell the ends of rolls (which is a ton of paper!) for just a few dollars-and sometimes they donate it if you are a teacher.  Butcher paper would also work, I think.

Just dip one side of the marshmallow in the paint and stamp it!

Kay did all the red.
Jay did all the green.

They started on opposite sides of the paper and then switched to make sure there was red and green on both sides.

I keep old shirts on hand for {little projects} like this.  And some paper towel was there in case they got extra on their fingers.

We waited until the next day to use the wrapping paper.  It needs some good drying time.

If you cut some of the dots out, they make perfect gift tags! 

In a few days I will have a new nieces (yay!!) so our dot paper wrapped up these cute little polka-dot crib shoes for her!

Here's what it looks like, all wrapped up and ready to give!
(some baker's twine and pom pom "dots" too!)

Easy. Done!

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