New Year's Thoughts

I have been busy with many {little projects} but some, like my husband being in the hospital, have been a bit more than the {little} kind.  Those kinds of things always make you think about your faith.  And having him sick around Christmas made me all the more grateful that a little baby was born in Bethlehem so long ago who lived and died to bless us all.

In all of this, there hasn't been much time for blogging.

Happily, he is well now and we celebrated a beautiful Christmas and a wedding in our family too!

I've had the chance to think a lot about blessings and angels who appear in so many forms in our lives over the past few weeks this season.

Recently I was snuggling my baby in this warm blanket.  And suddenly a flood of memories came back to me.

This blanket was a gift.  It was made by eight, nine, and ten-year-old girls from our church when I was a leader working with the Primary children at our church.  The blanket was a gift for my first baby. 
That was about six years ago now.

  Where we live, it gets pretty cold and this sweet blanket still (6 years later) keeps my little Ellie warm every night.  And the thought of those little girls sharing their kindness and talents with me literally fills my heart up.  

Kindness is an amazing thing.  

I watched this sweet movie with my kids a few days ago. The message is one that's sweet all year long.

These are the things on my mind as I think about the blessings of this past year and the opportunities that come with a new year.

Are you the kind that makes new year resolutions?

I love to record mine each year.  It feels like a promise to myself to try and be a little better.  And the chance to let my imagination run wild with all the possibilities of what could be is an adventure I wouldn't think of missing out on.

I get out fun pens, find a cozy chair and a quiet time, and write some thoughts in my journal of what could be.  Looking back at past years is always an important part of this little ritual of looking to the future.

What makes the list of resolutions?

All kinds of things, really. {This little project} was part of one resolution to take better care of the earth.  I've had a great time refashioning some of my old shirts for Kay to wear this year.  Here she is in one of them:

In some ways {this little project} I did for Kay feels like a metaphor for this resolutions-making time.  We take what we already have--the good and the bad--and try to work with it to make ourselves and the world around us just a {little} bit better.

Wishing you a marvelous New Year
with many rewarding {little projects}!

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