How to Make Doll Diapers: Upcycling {Handmade Holidays}

With baby M arriving any day I've tried to be ahead on Christmas presents this year.  Handmade gifts are still some of my favorites.  This year I made Ellie and Kay a batch of diapers for their dolls.  This is a gift they will get before Christmas though because Ellie will be all over our {little} newborn otherwise!
Here are a few of the doll diapers:
I love how they turned out and had a lot of fun choosing the colors out.
 I used these instructions to make them.  Only I didn't use felt.  
Felt + velcro is NOT a great combination.  Your velcro will stick to every part of a felt diaper.  BUT, felt has 2 great qualities: it's inexpensive and you don't need to deal with the edges fraying.

I didn't want to use felt so I found 
something with those same 2 great qualities:
  old T-shirts!
That's right: they don't cost anything and T-shirt material doesn't fray!
Yay for upcycling!

Another bonus: fun patterns on the diapers :)

I also altered the pattern by cutting 1/2 inch off of each of these 4 sides.  The diapers were just a little too big for our dolls.
 Here's how they turned out:  This one is cut from my old polar fleece shirt.

One other alteration I made: COLORED velcro!
When I went to buy some velcro I found all of these colored choices in the "value buy" bins at Joanne's.  It was less than $1 for 2 feet of each color. I love the pink, red, blue, and white--it gives them some added flare :)

Other than putting the velcro on, I didn't do any sewing for {this little project}.  
I also cut some {little} wipes out from an old white t-shirt to go with the diapers. 

It almost makes changing a diaper look fun, huh?


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