Making a File Folder Game

Kay is having a birthday soon,
so the girls and I made a file folder game for both Kay and Jay. Kay still loves pigs, and Jay still loves frogs so we made a shadow matching game for them both.
I started by finding several different cute pictures and printed out two copies.

One I colored over with a black Sharpie and glued to one side of the file folder. The other I laminated and cut out. I covered the file folder with clear contact paper. I then put magnets on the laminated pigs and corresponding shadow. I added a plastic bag to put the pieces in that magnetically clips to the folder and done!

We like using file folder games and activities during the day and take them with us in the car and to church where quiet activities help to keep them reverent. The magnets are quiet and keep everything in one place.

This site has fun file folder games you can print out and make. If you'd like to make this file folder, click here for shadows and here for images.

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  1. These were a hit with the kids! Thanks for such a great idea!


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