Friday Favorites and Freebies

I hope you are excited for the weekend-I sure am! Here are some of the favorites and freebies I've collected to share with you. Enjoy!

If you love the whimsy of a gumball machine like I do, you'll love this easy DIY version that is perfect for Halloween!

This is a fun printable Halloween version of the game "Don't Eat Pete!" (one of our family's favorite's)

If you've ever thought you needed a loom for weaving, check out this homemade version. Think of all the great Christmas gifts you could do with it!

This is a beautiful way to share some cookies with a neighbor!

If you have a boy around your house, check out these targets that would be fun for HIM TO MAKE and then take out with his nerf gun ;)

Have a beautiful weekend! I'm so excited for General Conference-can't wait!

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