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I am so excited to share something that I have been using for just a short time and am already LOVING!!! It is called Evernote.

While we are away for the summer I am using my husband's laptop, not my regular desktop. I had all kinds of things saved on my other computer that I have no access to right now. It's kind of frustrating.

If there is one thing I love doing, it is collecting ideas. I love to see what other people are doing and then put something new together for our family based on a synthesis of lots of other ideas. The beautiful thing about the internet is that so many ideas are available at your fingertips. The question is, how do you keep track of the ideas you love so that you can find them when you need them again?

My new answer is Evernote.  It's even free. It is an entirely web-based system that stores all of your ideas for you.  You can access it from any computer.  
All I do is: 
1) Select a photo or text of an idea I  like and push the "clip to Evernote" button that I dragged into my tool bar.  This "captures" what I just selected and also the website address.

2) Label it: A little screen pops up asking  what you would like to label it. You can put it into as many categories as you want to type in. Then you can even write more notes below-like why you like it.  Later when you need to access the info, you can search for it inside Evernote to find what you are looking for.

3) Save button. It goes into your account for you to access from any computer. You can email yourself notes, track your appointments, etc. It is an awesome way to improve your memory-seriously-I'm feeling smarter already!

Proof in 2 examples:

1) Right now I don't have a printer to use.  (I'm trying not to let that drive me crazy.)  There are a few projects that I am working ahead on for my kids and Father's Day that I need to print.  So I am just capturing pages of ideas and saving them into Evernote so that I can access them in a few days when I will (hopefully) have a printer to use.  Easy.  Efficient. Neat!

2)  I'm flying out for my sister's wedding reception in a couple of weeks. She is the kind of person that loves unique-handmade so I've been trying to come up with the perfect gift for her. I've been scouring the web looking for the perfect idea.  Something that fits her style and I can get done in time. I'm saving my favorite ideas and then will pick one to make, but I still have the others there just incase I need them for another friend or even for her birthday.
I found some cute address labels, a fun card to make, and a unique fabric bowl to try out, among other fun things and all I did was "clip" them into my Evernote account.

Still not convinced, read this about the more detailed uses of Evernote.

I've not been using it for that long, so my amazement is still shining...The thing I like most about it?
It is so easy and I feel so smart because I can find and remember things so much BETTER!
If you haven't already, go try it out.  I think you are going to like This Little Project!

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