Busy: An Update


Well friends, it's been awhile...


But if you had this little guy to distract you, you may not be blogging much either!  

I have a friend who exercises everyday.  She has 8 children.  I asked her what her secret is.  She told me it's her "one thing."  She said it's the one thing that she does everyday.  It's at the top of her list.  She may not shower, she may not cook dinner, but she makes time for her "one thing."  Now, I'm sure she had other things at the top of her list too, like her family.  But I've been thinking about that.

There are only so many "one things" you can have; only so many minutes to wiggle them into.
And ever since Baby M made his appearance, he has been my "one thing" that took the place of writing and sharing here as much as I used to.  It's ok.  It's the "season"we are in.  He's been my hardest baby.  And that's ok.  He's my "little project" right now.

The other "one thing" that has been swallowing up my extra minutes is that we are moving.  Across the country.  It takes an bucketload of time to have your house on the market, look for another house, research the new area, etc.

It's hard to look around at all the "little projects" I made just for our home that won't be apart of our future.  But it's also exciting to think about the future projects in the works.  


Sometime I need to take the time to go back and share the photos of fun "little projects" we have been up to over the last little while.  Here's a sample for today, along with a hope that I can fill in the details soon...

We made Violet Jelly: from violets growing in our own front yard!
It's so pretty!


I've been teaching an Irish Step Dance class for Kay and Ellie and friends.  It has been a blast!


I would love to share more about teaching a 3-year-old music.  I start my children on the violin and piano at age three (at the latest).  Ellie recently graduated from her macaroni box to her real violin!


Outdoors with kids: My little Jay has all kinds of secrets for having fun and learning in the outdoors.  He's always teaching me about the amazing creations we've been given.  Sometime I'll share our favorite field guides and apps that help us explore and learn in the outdoors.


And how to catch and hold butterflies!


Traveling cross country with four little ones: we're doing it twice this summer!


I just got home from a house hunting trip.  Baby M went along and I learned that I will never fly with a baby again without my baby backpack!  I have a baby Ergo carrier and it made life so much easier!  Can you tell Baby M has 2 older sisters?

We put our first offer on "our" house today.  Crossing our fingers and lots of prayers!
Things are going to be busy around here with lots of "little moving projects."  I'll try to pop in now and then.  Thanks for hanging in here with me :)

In the meantime, there's lots of fun little projects in the archive, like:

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and more!
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