Nature Shelf: More Montessori

I've been wanting to have a Nature Shelf in our home for a long time. But I couldn't find the perfect thing for {This Little Project} that would hold the little collections that come home in their pockets.

Then I happened upon this shelf at the re-store just as winter began.

I knew it would be perfect for {This Little Project}!

My goals in having a nature shelf:
  1. I was hoping that having this shelf in our home would encourage our kids to WANT to spend time outside.
  2. I was hoping they would look more closely at their environment.
  3. And I hoped that seeing a beautiful piece of God's creation everyday INSIDE our home would help them be more appreciative and careful of the world they live in.
Since we started our nature shelf in the winter, I was worried that we would have trouble finding many things to put on it:

There were some leaves we dried in the fall and some pine needles, pine branches and "acorn hats" but the ground was quickly getting covered by the snow!

Then we went
"walking in a winter wonderland"

and found some treasures! Check out those wild turkey tracks!

So after nature walk when we visited Elspeth:

And finding neat things to collect there in warmer weather

And unearthing some surprises from the ice, our nature shelf is looking quite busy for this time of year.

And I LOVE it when Little Miss Kay goes in and rearranges it all so she can touch everything!

Happily, the shelf has really helped to make all of those goals I had a reality!

In short, a nature shelf is a great addition to our home! It's been a fun {Little Project} for our family. Ours sits in a windowsill right now. It's at the perfect height to be seen, touched, and enjoyed by children :)


Chelsey said...

This is great! My kids would love it since they're always brining in treasures like that inside...

What was the shelf originally meant for? I'd love one like that!

Jedda said...

Chelsey, I'm thinking the shelf was designed to hold a collection of some kind-like spoons or bells or something. Keep your eyes out for something like that, now that I found this one I've noticed they're not as uncommon as I thought-so hopefully you'll get lucky and chance upon one too :)

Salon Fan said...

A nature shelf! That is a fun idea. Thanks for sparking my imagination even more!

Glitzy Gals Club

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