How to make A Button Bracelet

I work with the young women at our church and they wanted to have a jewelry-making night.  We decided to go with something less traditional and it turned out to be a ton of fun! 

These {little} bracelets are fun gifts too (think Mother's Day or birthday).

My favorite part was seeing the girls' personality come through in their creations and choice of buttons and colors.  I even sneaked a {little} sewing lesson in with {this little project}.  They all know how to sew a button on now!

And really, sewing a button on is pretty much all you need to know for {this little project}.  It's that easy!

Here's what you need for {this little project}:

thread (color of your choice)
1/4" elastic
Buttons!!  The more the merrier!

--First measure your elastic to fit around your wrist.  You'll want the elastic about 1/2" longer for the overlap when you sew the ends together.

--Mark where your overlap is and then where the center is.

--Then lay the elastic flat and lay the buttons out and play with how you want it to look.

--Be sure to stitch through each button a couple of times before going to the next button so it's nice and secure.  You will want your buttons to overlap just a bit so the elastic doesn't show.

--Sew the ends together and cover with the last button to finish it off.

Ta da!

Fast!  Easy and cute!

The young women had a lot of fun with their bracelets and it was also a really fun mother/daughter activity with my girls at home.
 Ellie and Kay both love wearing theirs!


applesandabcs said...

These are adorable!


Apples and ABC's

Sarah♥ said...

My DIY for the day! xxx

nhgh said...

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