Circle Sculpting: Liberty Bell

Have you ever had a project that didn't quite turn out the way you thought it would? That would be the definition of this project. I started it because I wanted to have some 4th of July decorations and we didn't bring any with us. The goal: make some red, white, and blue globes to hang up out of 4 pieces of paper. 
What actually happened: a sort of liberty bell. I learned a lot on the way though and will try to go for the globe look again. I just ran out of paper :)

I started with 2 12x12 papers and punched 1 3/4" circles out.

I used a cardboard equilateral triangle to fold each one.
Then I used a glue stick to glue them together so they look like this.  Can you tell it is the beginning of a globe look?

Well, this is where I started to run into trouble.  Do you see in the photo above that there are 5 "petals" to the "flower"?  Well, to make a globe/sphere shape you have to have the same number of petals in every flower as you go around.  I had some with 4 and some with six.  I decided to turn them all into 6 petal flowers.  It took a lot longer, got a lot bigger and then I ran out of paper.

But when I folded it together it looked like a bell.  And that has a liberty feel to it so I turned lemons into lemonade and went with it :)

The bell had the same issues: some "4 and some 5 petal flowers".  It gave it an oblong shape that was nice and small to provide the bell part.
All in all, we have a 4th of July decoration to hang up :)

I wish you success with your 4th of July Projects and I hope you will link in your Project of the Week below and share your ideas!


Andrea said...

Most of my projects don't turn out the way I plan or the kids don't do what I expect them to... so I liked this post because it reminds me that this same thing happens with other moms :)

I love your edible sparklers. I need to go get some supplies for that one.

elspeth said...

I love how you made something else out of this cool idea. Happy 4th!

Summers Family said...

I know how much you love "food" crafts. We just did strawberry ladybugs - all three kids were able to do it with a little help.
It's on my blog. I know you are doing a thing where we tell you or post it to you or something, it's too hot for me think today. I just thought I would tell you about it :-)
Have a great 4th!

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