Gift Idea

Here's a fun gift idea that you can personalize for the special people in your life. We made these for Mothers Day.

Here's how to make {This Little Project:}
1-Go to Wordle and type in the words that describe the person you admire. Keep in mind that if you want some words bigger than others you have to type them in multiple times. So I typed "NANA NANA NANA" to make sure it was bigger than the other words. You can customize the font, colors, or randomize it until you get the look you want.
2-Then print onto cardstock
3- Put it into a frame.

4-If you want to add an additional touch, try this: I also made fingerprints of Jay, Kay, and Ellie in sculpy clay (from any craft store) and then glued them to the frame to let them know that they had "touched" our life in a special way.

It's an easy gift that can be personalized for a special teacher, friend, parent, or for Father's Day coming up! It's a meaningful and inexpensive way to share some love :)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

That's awesome! I'm filing that away in my memory for a great future gift.

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