Passing on the Crafting Bug


A lot of our projects and crafts we do around the house start out with a request or idea from my daughters. When Joci asks me to make a cape for her cat, I go to my fabric and ribbon scraps excited to see what will emerge. Apparently Joci has caught on and last night after we brushed her teeth she requested a toothbrush for her bunny. We were getting ready for bed so I declined, telling her I'd do it tomorrow. She then asked if she could make a toothbrush out of her toys. I wanted to see what she came up with so I let her run into her play room. She came out with a popsicle stick and requested a cotton ball and a piece of tape. I was impressed.

She then decided she needed a flosser for her bunny, and this time excitedly informed me she was going to find something from her toys to make a flosser. She ran into the other room and a few minutes later came back with a chenille stem requesting a little help shaping it into a flosser. I'm definitely going to include her in my brainstorming next time she asks for a little project!

What little projects do your little ones do?


1 comment:

Chelsey said...

That is super cute! My daughter (6) is similar. She recently made her own paper doll cat and made pjs and a bed for it as well. I love seeing what my kids come up with...

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