Crochet with Tulle

Make a Long-Lasting and Easy to Clean Scrubby.

This will soon become your favorite dish tool. It works great, gets into cups and other small spaces and cleans up great after throwing it into the dishwasher with the other dishes. It also does not fall apart like the ones you buy at the store and it's CHEAP. For this {little project}, you'll need 3/4 yard of tulle or netting from the fabric store, and a crochet hook. You do not need a special hook, and crocheting with tulle or netting is not harder than yarn. It's easy to hook and pulls through all together. If you've ever crocheted a hat, this will be a cinch.

First start by making your "yarn" by cutting a zig zag pattern 1"- 2" inches wide out of your fabric. You can round the corners, or simply cut off any excess after the fact. The corners tend to poke out as you go.

Below I've included a basic pattern. You want your circle to be flat so if it starts to curve in, you need to crochet two-single-crochet-stitches-in-one-hole more often. If it starts to become wavy, you need to space your two-single-crochet-in-one-holes farther apart.

Start by Chaining 6 and connecting to first chain with a slip stitch to form a small circle.
Inside your hole, single crochet 6 times.
Now start spiraling out crocheting in circles.
On the next 2 rows put two single crochets, in each previous rows, single crochet hole.
On the next row, alternate putting two single crochets and one single crochet in each hole/stitch.
On the next row, put two single crochets in every third hole.
On the next row, put two single crochets in every fourth hole etc.

I'm not always very good at counting stitches especially if I'm interrupted so I use the go with how it looks method described above.

As you can probably tell from my instructions, I tend to learn my new crocheting projects from people rather than patterns. If you have questions, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer, or ask your friend/aunt who is a crochet guru.

Good Luck With the Dishes!



jet said...

ooooh i have thought always when i saw a crochet tute for such a kitchen tool with yarn uses they. and now i know , and i will make one i think, i love those tools a lot.
love the tute , really great one you've made, thank you for him;-D
greetings xxx

Lanette said...

My aunt makes these and I love them. They are second only to the Pampered Chef pot scrapers in my kitchen!

Unknown said...

I use the netting, it is courser and works at scrubbing better than tulle.

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