Being UN-Scared and Prepared

I decided that the month of October would be my "un-scared" month. I know that goes against tradition for this month. But the kind of scariness I'm thinking of is the real-life things that can freak you out. I'm talking about things like: a house fire, a natural disaster, a family tragedy, etc.

A lot of the fears that are associated with these kinds of things can disappear if you feel like you are prepared ahead of time.

Here is a sample list of {Little Projects} happening at our house this month to help us be prepared instead of scared:

1- Have a 72 hour kit ready for every person in the family.

2- Have water purifiers on hand.

4- Take time each day to strengthen family spiritually (FHE, family devotional, prayer, scripture study, etc.)

5- Purchase/mount/learn how to use a fire extinguisher. We're doing one in the kitchen and one downstairs too near the laundry/furnace area.

6- Talk to children about what to do in case of a fire and work on stranger safety.

7- Learn more about how to cook on diverse cooking sources (propane, BBQ, fire, dutch oven, thermal, etc.)

8- Replace batteries in fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

9- Have multiple light sources on hand (flashlight, lantern, crank light, candles, etc.)

10- Work on having multiple heat sources available for home (fireplace, newspaper, etc.)

11- Update will and think about insurance needs.

12- Stick to the family spending plan

It only takes watching the news to remember that our world is a bit unstable. Hurricane Katrina-like and terrorist disasters can happen anywhere and it's nice to have a feeling of safety and control for your own family in a world that feels quite out-of-control sometimes. At these times the {Little Projects} you've done to prepare will bring you peace in the midst of uncertainty.

In a month that glorifies the scary I hope you find the time to make your world feel more safe and secure. I would love to hear what {Little Projects} you take on and hope that the links above help!

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Carn Family said...

Hmmm...I might just have to give this a try. It sounds wonderful!

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