Happy President's Day!

So, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've put a new {Little Project} here. That's what happens when you have company, I guess!

I wanted to share another food {Little Project} with you. 

 I don't know what it is with me and food and holidays, but they all seem to go together and are an excuse to have something a little more fun!

Today we've been learning about the US presidents. I was singing the song, "My Hat, it has Three Corners..." to Ellie while I changed her diaper since I had just told Kay about George Washington and his hat. When I went to give her a graham cracker for a snack it broke into a triangle, and the idea for {This Little Project} was born!

Here is our Presidential Snack!

To make {This Little Project} you need:
Bread cut like their silhouette (or a try at least)
mini chocolate chips for eyes
marshmallows for the "powdered wig"
peanut butter to hold the hat and marshmallows on
pretzels for the "logs" of Abe Lincoln's cabin

If you want to follow-up with some presidential activities for your kiddos, we've been enjoying these games and coloring pages.  There are also some ideas in the {Little Project} archive.


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