Wall of Fame

As previously posted at brown paper packages as part of back-to-basics. 

Today's {little project} is about celebrating what comes home in your child's backpack.

I know you groan to have to go through it.  But {this little project} today will help both of you look forward to going through the "treasures" and papers that come home each day.


Because we are making 
a "Wall of Fame!"

To make {this little project} you simply to replace the glass in your frames with cork board so they look like this:

{little project tip} that cork that comes in a roll is great, but it's super thin.  So if you use it (like I did) you will want to also cut identical pieces of cardboard to go behind it.  You can use a spray adhesive to hold them together.

Different sizes of frames let you celebrate many kinds of achievements.  I used a variety of sizes and including construction paper-sized, and a shelf frame for the 3D art projects to be displayed on.

I spay painted my frames black because they are in our dining room.  But colored ones up in a playroom would be so fun too!

Then to make {this little project} more personal, I cut out monogram cardboard letters and covered them with fun yarn and twine textures.  

Our three kids just happen to have first names that are alphabetical.  But these were sooo easy and fun that I'm making "BOO" ones next!

Here's the final "Wall of Fame" where the celebration is ready to begin!

See?  How excited is your little one going to be to see their own work up on the "wall of fame!"

Have fun Celebrating!

p.s. if you want to know more about those fun tiny letters in the frame, you'll find them in {this little reading project} or {this little music project}.

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