Scripture Books

Our family has been on vacation for 2 weeks.  One more week to go and we'll be back home and back to "real" life.    

In the meantime, I have been making a new quiet book for church this year.


These darling "bright ideas" are a picture with a scripture.

They will go great with our other Quiet Books.

And the bonus is that these "scripture pictures" will also be perfect for our morning devotional.

To make {this little project}

 Download them (free) from this site, 
print them as a photo,
and put them in a photo album book. 

(These "bright idea" scriptures come from the monthly Children's Friend magazine.)

I think the pictures will help my kids remember the scriptures even better and I'm always amazed that my 4 year old can memorize a scripture a week.

The {little} things really do count!


Melanie said...

Thanks Jedda! These are great.

PS - Come home soon, we miss you!

Jedda said...

Missing you Melanie! See you soon :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Olá! Seu cantinho adorei! Parabéns! JA estou seguindo ..
Faca UMA visita los Meu blogue e SEJA Nossa amiga também, ficariamos Muito Felizes! ;)
abraço, Indi

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