Rice Krispies filled Easter Egg Treats {surprise!}

Filling plastic eggs with jelly beans and candy is so... predictable.

Want to give them a happy {little} surprise instead?


My kids LOVE these rice krispie filled easter egg treats!

{this Little Project} is easy to make and festive too!

Follow the instructions on the package to make rice krispie treats but instead of putting them in a pan, you will form small egg shapes instead.

{little project tip}: rub some butter on your hands. It makes shaping them soooo much easier!

Then check to make sure the treat will fit into your plastic eggs and go ahead and roll it in sprinkles!

Then close them up and wait.  

No one will suspect, so it's a fun {little} surprise when they are opened!

And yes, the grown-up version of {this little project} means I dip them in chocolate ;)

It's the {little} things, right?

BONUS! {this little project} is kid-friendly to make 
(especially if you melt the marshmallows and butter in the microwave, like I do!)

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