B is for Bear Hunt

This past week I had some little people over for some preschool fun.  We were working with the letter B and Ellie's favorite book right now is We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  She has it all memorized.  So I knew we had to have some fun with BEARS!  Here are a few of the things we did to celebrate the letter B!

Of course we read the book together.  

And then we had some more Bear Hunt fun.
The kids took turns hiding the bear and hunting for it.  The child that hid the bear would clap louder and faster when the children got closer until they found it!

Our Bear Hunt snack was hiding little Teddy Grahams in Brown pudding.

and then hunting for them in the brown pudding cave!

While the Bear Hunt snack was going on, the kids covered their B page with Bears, Buttons, and Beans--for fine motor building.

Ellie loves doing buttons on her dot letters on her light table.  The buttons glow with the light behind them!

To print your own Dot Letters, check out these printables.

Have a Beary good day!


Elizabeth Glenn said...

No wonder she had me read that book to her!! What a sweet little girl, actually all of your kids. Love them. Love YOU! :)

Mimi said...

Cute ideas! We actually just got that book in Portuguese from the library so Matt could read it to the boys. I think it's a good one to read in a different language because it's repetitive.

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