How to make a Pumpkin Maternity Costume

What do you wear for Halloween when your belly is big enough to be a pumpkin? 


 My Mom is an awesome seamstress and Halloween was always a big deal when we would dream up something to be and she would sew for hours to finish all the costumes and make everyone's dreams come true for my siblings and I.  I don't have her amazing skills, but I love having the excuse to dream up costumes now with my kids too.

I don't dress up every year.  But this year, I knew just what I would do.  {This little project} is the easiest costume I've ever made!  

And Jay liked it so much when I was done that he said I HAD to put it on the website :)  So here I am with the photos he took of me.  In the flavor of Halloween he kept cutting my head off from the photo.  But the pregnant baby belly is obviously what he wanted to show--all dressed up--anyway.

To make {this little project}
I drew a jack-o-lantern and cut it out--make sure to cut 2 of the eyes so they are the same.
 Then I traced it on my iron-on paper, stuck it to the black fabric, and then cut it out.
Then I put on the T-shirt so I could position the face over my big baby belly, 
and then ironed it on the orange T-shirt (not while I was wearing the shirt, obviously :)

{This Little Project} was fast and easy.  
It's the perfect way to dress up the {little} one that will be arriving in a few more weeks!

Happy Halloween!!

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