After-Halloween Math

This is what it looked like at our house after everyone brought home their trick-or-treating loot.

It's waaaay too much candy.  So our tradition is that the first thing we do is take 5 favorites out and dump the rest of everyone's candy into a bowl and sort it by color.
The kids record the number of each color on each colored paper.  My kids had two nights of trick-or-treating so we did this twice-recording the second number on the underside.

Then we compared by graphing all the colors from one night to the graph the kids made of the second night.  The graph happens the day after, of course.  For the record, the first night had more candy overall.

{little} Ellie also sorted the candies by size and shape later on (no photo).  I love using something that they care about to do learning games with.  Finishing with a treat is the part that they love! 
But my favorite part of {this little project} is that since everyone's candy is in one bowl it isn't really anyone's.  So it lasts a lot longer and no one eats too much.  We were just finishing last year's bowl when it was time to refill it for this year!

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