No-Sew Valentine Ruffle Pillow

If you are a regular reader, you know I'm a big fan of {little} projects because I can get them done.  And this no-sew ruffle pillow certainly qualifies!
I love making pillow covers because it's so fun to be able to switch over monthly decor in a snap.
So, I picked a fabric and wrapped it around my throw pillow to determine how much fabric I needed.  
It should overlap at least an inch in the middle on the back.

 Then I found the center of the front and started "drawing" my ruffled heart with this darling gingham ruffled trim from Hobby Lobby.  
I love it because it is ruffled down the center so both sides are ruffled!  I also love it because it was $1.50 for 3 yards and I didn't need nearly all of it.

I just pinned around the original size of the heart to make sure I liked the size and then used hot glue between the pins to hold it in place.

Then I took out the pins and glued under those spots too.

I used the pins to pin the next layer/section of the heart and repeated the hot glue and pinning until I made it to the middle.

It's a stretchy trim so be careful not to stretch as you go.     

 The heart is in the center of the fabric like this:

Now to turn it into a pillow cover you just fold back the 2 side edges to hem (either use hot glue or sew).

Then put the heart facing your pillow (inside out) and wrap it around to determine the size (like at the first) and then pin the overlap.

Remove the pillow. And then either hot glue the top and bottom edges or sew them since it's a nice straight line! :)

Then turn it right-side out and stuff your pillow inside!


Easy.  Done.
I told you it was a {little} project ;)  

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