Messages from the Sun

You know those little magnetic letters that end up all over the place?  Well, here is a fun summertime project you can do with them outside that teaches about words and sunshine:
Materials: construction paper, magnetic letters, sunshine, paperweight if it is windy.

To get a message from the sun:
1. Let your child choose words s/he likes and get the letters for them.
Some children like words because they can spell them; like sun or frog.
Others like words because they are meaningful to them; like doll or grandma.
2. Let the child help you form the words on the construction paper in a sunny place.
3.  You may want to use a paperweight.  Our main struggle was the wind with this project.
4. wait....wait...wait...don't touch it for a couple of hours.
5.  Then go out and see what message the sun left!

 When you take off the letters the paper has faded everywhere that the letters were not sitting.

Here's how one of ours turned out (don't be scared away by the bad photo ;)
{This Little Project} was a fun way to explore letters, words, and the sunshine.  Enjoy!


Gina said...

Very cool idea. Will have to wait until summer here to try it, but it's great!

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Jedda, I added this project with a photo and link to a summer activity post scheduled for Aug 10th. Hope this is okay, thanks ahead of time for sharing!

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