Make your own ABC PUZZLE

We have had so much playing with these I thought I would share the idea, in case any other little ones might like it too.
Jay is really into puzzles and letters so these have been great (and cheap!) toys :)

Supplies: thin cardboard (cereal boxes work great), permanent markers, "scrapbook-type" scissors.

1- cut strips of cardboard (ours were 2" tall)
2- Cut those up into pieces (ours were 2"x2.5")
3-Using a variety of scrapbook scissors (you know, the kinds with the fancy edges) cut down the middle of each piece.

4- Write the uppercase of the letter on one side and the matching lowercase letter on the other side.
{Little Project Tip:} I wrote all of the vowels with the same color of marker so we could talk about them and the sounds they make.

5-Ideas for how to Play with your ABC PUZZLE:
* Play a matching game: upper and lowercase to form the puzzles for each letter

* Memory game: turn them over and try to find the right matches-(the back of the cereal box may give them away. You can cover that or use blank cardboard.)

* Find things around things around the house that start with that letter

* Use the letters to spell words and/or sentences.

Have fun with this Little ABC puzzle Project!


elspeth said...

I LOVE this idea. We need to start working on lower case letters and this is a GREAT alternative to those pricey puzzles.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is terrific!! Such a great idea for matching up the "mama" letters to the "baby" letters. My youngest daughter can site letters but she has a bit of difficulty with a few of the lower case letters mainly i, l, b, d, and q. Thank you so much for this idea!

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