The Counting Train Puzzle

We are starting to do more math experiences with Jay. One thing that bothers ME (not him) is that there is a certain number that gets skipped when he counts from 10 to 20. The lucky number 14. We are tackling that number with this project. If you have any desire to tackle any kind of counting (by 2's, 5's, 10's, etc.) this could be a fun project for you.

Supplies: cardboard (reuse a cereal box), markers, ruler, scissors, scrapbooking-type scissors.

This project is related to the ABC puzzle we made before, but this time I was focused on order. That puzzle focused on matching. Since order is the goal we made a train. Putting the train puzzle together means that all the train cars line up in the CORRECT order.

To make your Train Puzzle:
1-cut your cardboard into 2.5" strips.

2-measure .25" from each side and draw a line for the top and bottom of each train car.  I also pencilled in a line that I used to marker in the "link" from one train car to the next-see end photo.

3-mark how long you want each train car to be before you cut (this is to make sure that you end up with the right number of train cars for however you are practicing your counting.)

4-Using scrapbooking scissors (the kind with the fancy edges) cut each car out. Alternate the scissor patterns so that you use a DIFFERENT edged scissor on the front and back of each train car.

5- I wanted Jay to feel like this was HIS puzzle. So after I got the puzzle this far I let him take over. He colored each train car puzzle piece with a different color marker.
Then we wrote a number on each train car.

And here it is! Now we have a fun (and cheap) way to practice number order.
Have a Happy Counting Little Project!


Anonymous said...

Jedda - I noticed your blog on Bloomington pals and I had to check it out. Great ideas, thank you for sharing. I can't wait until T gets home tonight so he can watch the boys while I look at your fun ideas. Hope you are having a great day!!

elspeth said...

Thanks for another cereal box idea! I don't think I'll ever throw one away again!

Robbie said...

Great use for those many scrapbooking scissors we all have hang around the craft room. Great project for the kids.

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