Organizing: The Books

I've blogged before about how I love the library. We currently have 51 items checked out. We were there three times this past week. I love it. My kiddos love it. AND we have an awesome library. 


That is a lot of stuff to keep track of. So I have established a new system. It works like this:
There are 2 Big baskets to hold the checked out items.

There are certain times when we get them out so that they don't get mixed in with home stuff.

We keep this library bag next to the baskets. {I LOVE these bags and they are so affordable!!!} 

When we are done with a library item it goes into the library bag and then it is ready to go the next time we go back. This way I don't have to try to remember to take a bag with us to carry checked-out items in.  I used to always forget!  Kay will run around the library if I let her down and trying to hold onto her with a pile of books in my arms was...impossible...but it's easy with my favorite bag!

We're loosing fewer things and returning more as soon as we are done with them. That is the kind of Little Project I should do more of around here ;)


elspeth said...

51 items is very brave. That's a hefty fine if you're late. I once went a few days over when I had 27 books checked out and ended up owing over $10! Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to blame but me. Most of the books were mine. I have the same chasing after kids at the library problem, so I grab all the books that look like what I'm looking for on the subject I want to read, take them all home, and decide there which one/ones I want to read.
Joce is really into the number 3 and so she gets to take 3 books home when we go to the library. We're both happy.

djn said...

Luckily, our library is very merciful. There aren't any fines for children's books. They said they are trying to help kids take responsibility for what they check out. It helps the mommies too though... :)

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