Smart Snacking

I love it when meals are meaningful learning experiences. Why not have a little fun with your food? We must be on a bit of a food project kick around here. We had a Smart Snacking Shape Matching game for our snack yesterday. The kids loved matching the cracker shapes with the cheese shapes.

To make your Smart Snacking Matching Game you need:
cheese, various shapes of crackers, knife, circular object (I used one end of a plastic egg).
The crackers we used were: circle: ritz, square: zesta, oval: flipsides, hexagon: wheat thins- 5 grain, rectangular: graham crackers, triangle: zesta cut in half along the dots :)

{Little Project Tip:} To make hexagonally shaped cheese, just cut each corner off the square.  I "stamped" the cheese circles with one end of a plastic egg, but I think a cap from a milk or juice bottle may work too.

To play the Smart Snacking Game: Separate the shapes of crackers and cheese and then have each child take a turn picking a cracker shape and matching it to the cheese shape.  Then eat :)

{Little Project Tip:} This would be a really fun snack for a play date or pre-school activity too!
Enjoy This Little Project!

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claw said...

As always your ideas are clever and innovative. Thanks for another great one.

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