Father's Day Handmade Gift Round-up

Father's Day is coming up quick! Here are some fun ideas to show Dad and Grandpa how much you care.  I'll be back tomorrow with some of the handmade gifts we made for our Daddy (so come back tomorrow and let's hope he doesn't peek!)

Let's be honest here: Guys are harder to shop for than Gals.  The coupon idea really gets used a lot on Father's Day.

 If the man in your life is handy, this little coupon idea mixed with a tool kit idea is perfect for your kids to make and really easy to personalize!

Here are a few more free printable coupons (note there are a couple that aren't G rated)

These shirts would make a cute gift, or may be easy to make too...I'm thinking really cute on a onesie :)

We made some fun cards.  This shirt card is an easy folding one.  
Here is another version of the shirt card.  And this one is an easy printable shirt card that is great for the kids to color for Dad or Grandpa.

There is a sweet "I love you Daddy" poem at Kaboose. It would be sweet accompanied by a cute photo.

Here is a pattern to make your own homemade box to hold a little treat.

This box pattern is an easy printable to hold your gift for Dad.

For more ideas, check out these Little Projects from the archives as well:
Yarn Cards are great for the kids to make.

These Personalized Photo Frames are SO easy and inexpensive to make.

You can also make a fun wordle (see link on right sidebar) with names of family members or things that he loves (sports, fishing, etc.) The more times you type a word in the wordle, the bigger the text gets for that word. You can adjust the colors too. Print, add to a card or frame it and you're done!

See ya tomorrow with new Little Projects to make for Father's Day!
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