Friday Favorites and Freebies

I'm one of those people that likes "favorites." I can tell you my favorite ice cream, day of the week, music to listen to, etc. My husband is not that way. He's more of a general kind of fan. 

Today I'm sharing some of my Favorite links that I've come across as well as a few fun freebies. It's Friday after all. I hope you find something to fit your fancy :)

Free Art work to download. I am amazed at the talent! These would make really beautiful cards to share too. Feed your Soul here.

This site is new to me, but if you like my post "How to make a book from one piece of paper" you and your kids will love all the different kinds of books you can learn to make here (for free!)

Free GeoTrax DVD (you don't even pay shipping) click on "select country" to start.

Get a free photo everyday on your start page that relates to something you're passionate about Here

Make your photos awesome with these great fixes

Did you know that The Hungry Caterpillar story turns 40 this year?  These cards remind me of Eric Carles work and are a beautiful way to recycle your children's art work.

If you are in the mood to organize this weekend, check out a few printable label freebies here and here.  They are great for gift giving too!

Happy Friday!  We're taking off for the weekend :)

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SMMART ideas said...

Hey Jedda,
The little girl is cute in your header and signature. You know tons about the blog world. Thanks for the hookup to the coffeeshop blog (helpful). What did you use to design your header? I just purchased PS Elements 7, but have yet to open it and explore. Can you create a custom picture (like yours) in PS elements? or did you use something else? I don't know what the capabilities of PS Elements are yet and wondering if I need it. Anyway, thanks for answering my endless questions. Also, I'll be presenting on "Good Things Utah" on Friday and you can check out my blog for a link. One more thing, you may be interested in this post about making your own header design..but you probably already know all of this info:
Take care,

Lisa Bergantz

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