The Village Park

The green space before:
And after:
We are having fun discovering this new city that we have moved to for the summer. We are lucky enough to have a really awesome park just across the street. It's one of those parks that is huge and it's playstuff is mostly made of wood. The kiddos have had a blast playing outside there so naturally, it was the new addition in our village.

The swing set is made from popcicle sticks lashed together with embroidery floss and cemented there with elmer's glue. The swing is a button with sides to hold our little village people in. Jay especially has loved the swing set.
We added the gardens around the park the following day with different trims that I've collected over the years. I just brought an inch or two of a bunch of fun trims, not knowing what we would do with them.  So far we've used them for gardens, swing wrap-around, and water in the pond.  Jay loved painting the pine tree for our park (from Casey's).
Jay is really into birds right now, so you will notice that a little "chick" likes to swim in the pond. I like the fact that this piece of green "grass" is mostly just empty...I'm thinking our park may turn into a little farm one of these days too, since that is what little Kay would prefer. That is really the beauty of this fun little project. The possibilities are endless....

Here are some photos of our family playing at the park :)

More village to come...


Jenny said...

So cute! My daughter loves to make park stuff for her dolls and animals.

Andrea said...

Yet again, another GREAT idea. I am completely amazed.

kw said...

Little Snail is getting some handmade wooden people for her Birthday. I was going to buy a plain wooden doll house for her, but this is way cooler! Love it!

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