Easy Monogram Apron

We're back from our trip. Oh what a treat it was to spend time with family! One of my favorite new "hobbies" is to learn the art of re-purposing. I love the challenge of seeing something new in the old. This particular {Little Project} took a total of 3 seams-you can do that!

In our family we have a tradition of a hand-made Christmas gift for the family member we give to. For my sister I made an apron with her monogram on it from a button-up tank top. You could also make it from a button-up shirt. I always forget to do a photo of the "before" but here is the after-I-cut-it out photo:

I left the front intact.

I cut across the back of the shirt starting at the top of the yoke. Below, you can see the little "pleat" that used to be in the back of the shirt.

Since it was a tank top, the "arms" seams were already finished so I just cut along each side of the shirt to the "arm pit" to have the whole apron of fabric. So basically, you use the entire back of the shirt except the top that has the collar sewn to it. If you use a shirt to make this apron you would need to cut the sleeves out. Mine were already missing :)

You can see where the sleeves would have been to the right and left of the center pleat. It's the curvy line before the straight sides.

1st seam: I folded the top of the yoke down to the "pleat" seam and sewed across to finish the top.

2nd seam: Then I sewed the apron ties onto each side by inserting them into the hole that was created when I sewed the first seam.

3rd seam: Then I folded the side seams back and finished those.

3 seams. That was it!

To finish it off, I added some fun trim to top and to make a monogram at the bottom. Just pin your trim down in the shape of the letter and sew over it. Easy!

These photos were taken at night, so they're not the best :) I chose this fabric/shirt because it is so cheery, though it's hard to see. I would have done a photo with someone wearing it, but my husband wouldn't comply and my belly is on the big side. But it fits my sister perfectly :)
I firmly believe that wearing something cute in the kitchen makes cooking more fun!
Have fun repurposing a shirt and making it new again!


Beansieleigh said...

How CUTE is THIS?!!! I LOVE it!.. and I appreciate the idea of recycling too! Now that Walmart has stopped selling fabrics in our store, I don't have access to new fabrics as easily as I used to! Thanks for sharing this! ~tina

Amy D said...

I'm sorry to say that this is the first time I've been to this blog. You're so creative! I already knew that, but what a fun site. Great job, Jedda!

Nicole Bergman said...

WOW. Also my first time at this blog and I am floored. I would have never thought of that! I've been wanting to make an apron but I SUCK at sewing so I figured it'd be too complicated for me, but this has given me hope! :) Great job of repurposing! Glad I stumbled by your blog!

1CardCreator said...

This is a really neat idea! Thanks for sharing.
Take care, ~Diane

kftaylorquilts said...

I love to see things that have been "recycled!" This is a really cool idea. Thank you for sharing it.

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