Repurposed Christmas Stockings

What do you get with a red sweater, a grey wool sweater, and a men's shirt?


I found this marvelous grey wool sweater at a thrift store and thought that it would make some snuggly-looking stockings.  

I haven't done handmade stockings before, but {this little project} was a lot easier than I thought!


There was enough of the grey sweater for the fronts so I used a red sweater for the backs.  
I had enough to work with by using the front, back and each sleeve of each of the sweaters.  

I ended up with enough to sew 5 stockings by being super careful when cutting them out.
  Four stockings would have been even easier.

And the men's shirt?  
It became the lining!  

One thing I love about repurposing is trying to use each part of the original.
The buttons on the front of the men's shirt made the charming hanging loops--perfect!

And there you go, earth day meets Christmas!

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