Christ-Centered Christmas and Quiet Books Update

I recently had a reader write to me for ideas of gifts that 
are Christ-centered.  

Christmas Freebie from Heather at Simply Fresh Designs.

Her email reminded me that there are so many 
{little projects} that I haven't shared here.  

Like right now there are 235 drafts of {little project} posts that I just haven't had the time to sit down and actually finish writing to give to you.

But there are many handmade gifts that are great reminders of this season that are in that group of drafts and I will try to share them...

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that the quiet books I shared with you awhile ago are back up. And these would be a great Christ-centered gift. 

 Heather at Simply Fresh Designs has graciously shared them again with all of us, without the images this time, due to copyright issues-but you can add your own.

This is so kind of her.  She just had a new baby!  If you stop by be sure to thank her!
Here are the books she has available so far:

The Life of Christ

Teachings of Christ

We Believe

Prophets and Apostles

And I would also like to share with you a blog dedicated to Christ-centered Christmas and traditions:  There are many fabulous ideas for families of any age.

This I Believe in Christ printable is beautiful.

I'm making this printable nativity tomorrow with my kids, and thought some of you may enjoy it too.

And I love watching our kids "play" the nativity story with our Christmas village

And since the goal is really to keep Christ in our hearts all year, we have been blessed by {this little devotional project} that I'll share again here in case it's useful to you too.

I really like this post about what kids really want for Christmas too, to keep things in perspective.
  I'm always looking for more ideas on the tradition of a Christ-centered Christmas.
What do you do in your home?  
Please feel free to leave a comment with ideas and traditions you like to do.  Then come back and see what treasures of traditions can be found to help celebrate this special day.

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