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Do you ever feel like every time your kids open their suitcase there's an explosion?

{This Little Project} solves that problem!

We just got back from a great family getaway. Little Ellie slept the whole airplane ride there and back.  If you've had a squirmy one-year-old on an airplane you know there is only one word for that: BLESSING!

We got to see cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and soak in the sun and Sea World too.  Now we're back to real life and the cold!  But I want to share a {Little Project} that made our trip great.  
And it's not just me that enjoyed {This Little Project}-my husband is a BIG fan!

Want to know my secret?

Travel bags that you can SEE into!

I've mentioned before that I love how versatile tulle is.  It's the fabric I chose to make my travel bags from because the fabric is quite strong, but you can also see through it.

To make {This Little Project} you need:

tulle in the color of your choice.  I used a different color for each person.

yarn or crochet string



First, use your sewing machine to sew the tulle into a bag (size is your choice ;) 

{Little Project Tip:}  I use two layers of tulle for the front and 2 for the back to have a sturdier bag. 

Each person in our family had their own color of bag.  

This made it VERY easy for them to find THEIR clothes.  

AND since they could also SEE what was in the bag they could find just what they were looking for.  

No more pulling everything out to find the socks or swim suit!

2- I used a needle to weave a string through the tulle so make a pull string.  You could also sew a casing and thread your yarn/string through the tunnel.

3- Put a bead on the end and tie it through so the thread doesn't pull through.  My kids loved choosing their beads!

Now just pack everything right in your little bags and your suitcase will be so organized EVERY time you open it!

And there you go: something to make your life easier!  
And just in time for summer vacations-may they be even better!

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