Celebrating the Music-with chocolate books!

I've been celebrating a lot music making with my students lately.  They have been finishing up everything from sonatinas to their "books" and I wanted to do something to celebrate their diligent work.

{This little project} is chocolate disguised as a music book.  

My inspiration for {this little project} came from a book idea a friend made that I knew would be perfect to adapt for my music students.

To make {this little project} you need:

mini chocolate bars

card stock

music images-see below

double-sided tape

1/8" ribbon (about 4 inches for each)

{This little project} starts with two mini chocolate bars and some double-sided tape on card stock:

Depending on which way your book image is oriented the chocolates go horizontal or vertical.

Then I just made miniatures of their books/music (via images in google) and printed them to fit the size of the candy:

A little ribbon book mark (starts under the chocolate bar) with more double-sided tape and you're done!

The kids were so excited to receive their surprise reward!  

{This little project} would be perfect for celebrating a choir, band, or orchestra event as well as finishing a difficult piece {think festival, solo/ensemble, or Christmas concerts, etc.) 

I love it when {little projects} taste good too!  Happy Celebrating!


Rosana Garcia Hess said...

lovely!!! I´ll feature on my blog
hope you don´t mind
hugs from Brazil

Company EIGHT said...

GREAT idea!

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