Egg Carton Math Games

We've been using {this little project} this week to practice math.  It's kind of like the handwriting helper {project} we did before.  

It makes math into a game!

So, how does {this little} math helper work?

All you need is a numbered egg carton and 2 different colored pom poms to play the game.

Toss both pom poms into the egg carton.  

There are a bunch of ways to use {this little project} as a game.  

First, math game ideas for the older kids:

If you are doing subtraction you write down the larger of the numbers and subtract the other number that the pom pom landed in from it.

Write both numbers down and then < or > for the greater/smaller.

For addition, add both the numbers together that the pom poms landed in.

For get multiply them....etc.

Math Game Ideas for younger kids:

Toss both in and figure out which one is the larger number.  Which is the smaller number?

Toss just one in and practice writing the number.

Toss two in and make it a double digit number and say and write what it is.

My kids are young and love to use manipulatives for math.  

Whichever game we choose to play we like to get out the chalkboard or whiteboard.  Somehow that makes it more of a game than just using a pencil and paper.

 I always feel good when we re-use something from the invention box so doing {this little project} was double the fun :)

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