Graduation {and WINGS for going places!}

It's graduation time where we are (school gets out a little later here) and graduation parties are in full swing.  So, I've been doing some end-of-the-year {little projects}.

When I graduated from high school, I remember receiving the Oh, the Places You'll Go! book by Dr. Seuss from my parents with a nice note about moving forward in life written inside.
This time of year always makes me think of that story and those words from my parents.

If you don't have a graduate at your house right now, pick up a copy of this book and write a {little} message to your child at the close of each school year.  What a keepsake you'll have when s/he graduates!

My talented sister, Rhielle, sent Jay and Kay these darling wings for Christmas.  
She made them!

Whenever I watch the kids fly around the house in these wings I think of the wings in the book.
Maybe it's the fun colors? 
Or maybe it's that when the kids put the wings on something magical happens and they can be anything they want to be; something we kinda tend to forget when we turn all adult-like and responsible. 
Not to say that being responsible isn't a good thing.  

But these kids are still young enough to really believe in themselves.

I love that.

Lately, I've been a fan of the blank-card packages at Michael's.  They're a buck for 8.  And they come already circle-punched (not that I can't do that, but still..) and I just "fill in the blank" according to the occasion.  That's the kind of {little project} I can handle.

Here's the graduation kind of "fill in the blank" with stickers (from the $1 section somewhere).

 (and yes, the stickers are centered, but the cards are opened at an angle ;)

These are my other favorite graduation cards and poster:

Cute huh!  The perfect quote, right from that book. 
And it's a FREE printable!
You can find it here.

It's nice to have a {little} reminder that even we aren't so {little} anymore, we really can choose the direction we want to fly.

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