Dr. Seuss Day: Edible Scrabble Game

A day to celebrate reading?  We're in!  
Dr. Seuss Day (March 2nd) is one of our favorite holidays and it's always a "treat" to decide how we will celebrate.
I love being able to sneak some learning into snack time.  And this year we made a game of it!
Playing scrabble with cookie tiles was quite the {little} treat for my kids.  Jay is old enough to manage the point system.  But Jay and Kay had fun making their own crossword puzzles.

 I think Dr. Seuss would agree that eating words is a lot of fun!

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John22alen said...

The two I remember. ‘HAIRNET’ on a closed board near the beginning of the game. The other one I had a common 7-letter word but couldn’t find a place. I did though, I turned ‘LOG’ into ‘LOGO’ to place my bingo. Those are my best ones, the ones I remember most. scrabble

FirstTimeEntrepreneur said...

It's fascinating how you've turned snack time into an enriching experience that combines learning, play, and of course, a yummy treat! This hands-on approach not only enhances the fun but also likely deepens the kids' engagement with language.
Integrating the joy of reading with a tangible activity like your edible Scrabble game is genuinely innovative.

Sam, Wordmantra

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