Moved In: A Family of Violins

Well, I have good news: we survived our cross-country move and are all moved in!  So I wanted to check-in and share a little project.

I won't dwell on our move because it wasn't a little project at all.  It was a big one.

But, I am loving the music room in our new house.  I found this fun piece of wood on the side of the road and instantly loved it and knew I had to do something fun with it.  I measured it and knew it would be perfect for our violins to hang on.

Jay, Kay and Ellie all play the violin.  (The full-sized violin is mine.)  Little fingers take forever to get their violins out of the case, get the shoulder rest on, bow out, and ready to play.  And then putting them away takes that time all over again.  So "this little project" is saving me over an hour a day!

Our violins are supposed to be stored away from an outside wall.  So this wood with some spacers behind it became the perfect way to save time, store them properly, and it's so fun to see all the pretty violins too!

I attached these String Swings to the wood that holds the violins.  I love that they hold the violins safely and are easy for the kids to use.

It feels nice to get something accomplished, other than packing and unpacking!



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